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the hub for all communities

Val Ribeiro
RVA Amigos Founder & Owner of Absolute Stone Design

Val Ribeiro and his Team have created a new Virtual Community for all Latinos to participate in.

All Countries are represented as an intrinsic part of the Community.

Calling all Latinos, Portuguese, Brazilian, Hispanics, from all continents to bring their ideas, pictures, articles, reaching out to all other Latinos.

Val Ribeiro born in Brazil, lived around the World most of his life playing professional soccer and residing for the last 20 years in the USA as a very successful entrepreneur and he knows that Community is more than language, it is about Culture and building relationships surpassing barriers.

This is why RVA Amigos was created.

Alberto Ritchie
RVA Amigos Macau

Alberto Ritchie is RVA Amigos Correspondent in Macau, and director of the RVA Amigos Macau. Seasoned Entrepreneur and Businessman, born in Macau speaking Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, English and several others, he has traveled all over the world, trading and developing new markets.

Please welcome Alberto by emailing him at betori49@hotmail.com or calling him +853 6681 5411. He is extremely knowledgeable in many areas of business in China and throughout the world.

Juan Alba
RVA Amigos Panama

Welcome RVA Amigos Panama Hub with its Director Juan Alba together with his friends.

Together they have lots of International and local experience and know how.

They will bring you local and international articles, real opportunities for you to develop a new market for your services or products. Learn with Juan about their culture and new ideas.

Here is a little synopsis on their own community trading platform PANAMERICAN FINANCIAL CONSULTANT CORPORATION – Your Resource for International Trade and Commerce

Communicate with Juan by emailing him juan.alba.pfcc@gmail.com


John Marin
Digital Marketing Expert & Co-Founder of Laborem Edge Digital Marketing Agency

During John’s eight years of digital marketing efforts, he has helped clients doubled their customer volumes and revenues, as well as reduced their average cost-per-customer-acquisition by up to 70%.

LE Digital Marketing Agency, specializes in helping businesses increase their revenue and profit with paid search engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), reputation management, and website design. John works with clients to gain leads at the lowest costs with the highest likelihood to convert to paying customers. 

Everything LE Digital Marketing Agency does is based on data. Before starting work with a new client, LE conducts an initial report to predict the potential profit that business can earn within their specific designated market area (DMA) using search engine marketing. The report determines if working with LE, as well as using paid search engine marketing at all, will be profitable for their business. If the report does not predict a profitable outcome for the business, LE will not accept them as a client, and refers them to marketing providers that specialize in other marketing services. 

Historically, LE Digital Marketing Agency has gained clients 150% – 300% more leads than predicted at costs-per-lead 20% – 70% lower than expected.

To find out if our team can help you gain more customers please visit their website at laboremedge.com or contact John directly at 804-601-6156.